3 For 2 Terms and Conditions

Offer Terms

When using the code '3FOR2' at checkout with 3 eligible items from the loungewear category the cheapest item will become free. If you add 4 or 5 eligible loungewear items to the basket then only the cheapest of those items will be free and the remaining will be full price. However, you can add as many multiples of 3 eligible items to your basket to claim the cheapest free product per set of 3. For example 9 eligible products in your basket would entitle you to receive the 3 cheapest products for free.

3 FOR 2 Returns

If you have ordered items within our 3 for 2 promotion then please read the following conditions for returns:

If you return the free item, no refund will be issued.

If you return one of the other items, you will be refunded the amount for that product, minus the value of the free product at the time you purchased it. For example, if your basket contains items for £30, £25 and £10, you will receive the £10 product for free in the promotion. If you then return the £30 product, your refund will be £30, minus the £100 for the free product, so the total refund will be £20.

An exchange in this bundle can be processed just to the same item as returned.